Wild Geese – projection art

Written by Nick Rutten


I had the opportunity during my internship at Mr.Beam to work on this amazing project.
In collaboration with Duncan Macfarland (director) and the city of Taiyuan (CH), Mr.Beam created projection art and designs that covered an entire 1.5 hour dance performance by the Taiyuan Dance Troupe. ‘Wild Geese’ is an ancient Chinese tale about passion and loyalty. In order to capture the visual and cultural essence for the designs, we studied various Chinese art forms and adapted our style to align with this magnificent cultural history. It resulted in a mesmerising way of storytelling where projection art and choreography merged together as a ‘live graphic novel’. The show premiered successfully in Beijing and is preparing for future tour dates.




I was responsible for the transition mats which were used to introduce all the new elements in post-production. I recorded analogue flowing ink to create a more traditional feel. I made many different ones, some watery and soft, some dry and hard.


I also created some VFX and references for the animators. Unfortunately, I was not involved much further in this project while I was ending my internship.

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