Written by Nick Rutten


Loop is a short film concept I made in my 4th year at KW1C. The film is about the life of a surrealistic wolf called Swirl. Swirl is a strong and loving mother who would do anything for her son. Swirl and her son live in a surrealistic snowy environment with a shortage of food. Every day she will hunt to feed her son. When she hunts she is very concentrated and moves sharp, quick and silent towards her prey. As every wolf, Swirl will always go for the weakling of the herd. Not only because it is easier for her, but she also cares about live and is smart enough to see that the weaklings have less chance to survive. In the film Swirl will hunt a deer down in her characteristic way and feed her son. Every day of Swirl is pretty much the same. By showing only one day, almost her whole life is shown. In the end of the film she will teach her son to hunt and he will follow in her footsteps.


Concept art

Color key