Dream Droplets

Dream Droplets


Dream Droplets is the virtual reality short film that I made for my Bachelor’s degree at HKU.
It is made to be a mesmerizing experience for anyone with a VR headset. 

Its theme, daydreaming, turns out to be more harmful than not. People overuse it at large to escape unpleasant realities rather than solving their problems themselves. The film is a symbolic journey about this act of escapism, experienced together with the protagonist Kim. VR sets you into an unfamiliar world. Forced to make new connections, it immerses you into these wonders, whispering its message. Communicating more in a poetic than a literal sense. Aimed to speak toward the people that notice the connection in its ambiguity, and create a realization of why they choose to experience this journey. And perhaps should start facing their problems instead of turning to escapism.


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Reach me at info@nickrutten.nl